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H2N Academy is independently owned and operated by Mykeshia Taylor- Burton. This training was created to help current and future agency owners to know the ends and outs of the daily operation of running and maintaining your agency, so that it can be passed down for generational wealth, and it can become just that. Don’t know where to start or how to start or who to get help from. I promise you as GOD is my witness this will be the only training you’ll need and one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business.

Below are a few Q & A to see if you’re ready to get started…

1.     What will I gain from attending the H2N Academy training course?


You will gain the steps of running and maintain your agency effectively.


2.     What will I accomplish after taking H2N Academy?


You will have all the necessary business skills, communication skills, organization skills, documentation skills, professionalism skills, time management skills, and accountability skills, human resource skills, interpersonal skills, financial skills, environmental skills, marketing skills, advertising skills, and financial skills. Knowing the importance of protecting your agency and reputation. How to prepare for a state survey. How to onboard your employees and clients and a whole lot MORE


3.     If I’m located in another state, can I benefit from this training?


Yes, you can. This training is like no other training you’ll ever attend. This training is called: RUNNING & MAINTAINING YOUR AGENCY. No matter what state you’re located in, everyone needs to know the proper way of running and maintain their business. Starting the business is not the hard part. Keeping the business is the hard part and that’s exactly what this training teaches you.


4.     I know that H2N Academy does a state-to-state training tour, but when will you ever come to my state?


H2N Academy posts its tour dates almost daily with the upcoming cities/states. If you were to ever miss that date, you can still be able to attend a Zoom training. Or you are always welcome to come to an Indianapolis, IN training. (Actually, that’s what Mykeshia prefers, but it’s totally up to you).


5.     When are the training classes?


H2N Academy training classes are usually on Tuesday & Wednesday or Saturday & Sunday 2 days for approximately 8 hours both days. Training always starts at 9:30 EST


6.     Does H2N Academy offer payment plans?


Yes, H2N Academy offers payment plans, but however your training course must be paid in full two weeks prior to your training course date.


7.     Does my training course come with refreshment and/or lunch?


Yes, you will get morning breakfast refreshment and lunch both training days.


8.     Can my business partner or significant other sit during training?


Yes, but however there is an additional fee


9.     If I attend my training course via (Zoom) will I still receive all the information and documents as the in-person training course.


Yes, you will.


10.  What’s the difference between In-Person & Zoom?


The difference between In-Person & Zoom, Is Zoom you’ll be attending the training online from the comfort of your home or wherever. In-Person really speaks for itself.


11.  When will I receive my documents and forms after I have attended/completed my training?


You’ll receive all of your training documents within two business/working days after completing your training. And only if we had received the requested information listed in your welcoming email.


12.  How long is my extended coaching?


After completing your training course with H2N Academy you will receive the following free services for the next three months:

·       10 minutes 1 on 1 motivational

·       1-2 Hour Monthly Zoom Sessions (End of the month Business Follow Up)

·       1 Hour Company Audit (virtual or telephone) depending on coach/mentor availability

·       8 Hours of Coaching “if you took the” (In-Person)

·       4 Hours of Coaching “if you took the” (Via-Zoom)

·       Ongoing Human Resource Information

·       Ongoing Agency Forms and Documents


13.  What days and times are available for the phone consultation?


We only do phone consultations on Thursday between the hours of 11:00AM-4:30PM (EST). If it says No available time slots. Please check for the next available date for that Thursday.


14.  If I forget to ask a question when I have my phone consultation can I just call back?


Unfortunately, no you’ll need to book another phone consultation.


15.  How will my phone consultation be conducted? Will I need to call you, or will someone be calling me?


Yes, we’ll contact you. Make sure we have your contact information (phone number & email address)


16.  If I miss my phone consultation, will I be allowed to reschedule it?


Unfortunately, no that falls under having good time management skills, and being held accountable.


17.  What is your turnaround time if I’m only receiving state license or waiver paperwork?

The turnaround is 7-14 Business/Working days from the date you submitted your payment. We must also have the following information emailed to us: Owner/’s Name, Business Name, Business Address, Business Email Address, Business Logo (PNG) format if you email us your logo and it’s not in (PNG) format you’ll need to reach back out or contact whoever made your logo and tell them we need the (PNG) format. We’ll not start on your paperwork until we have the full payment and the completed information listed above. No, we don't submit your paperwork to the state for you, you must DIY do it yourself. After we email you your license paperwork you must submit your paperwork to the state within 72 hours and sent of proof of the certified mail of your license going to the state. If you don't show us proof with 72 hours of us emailing your paperwork to the state your 90 days will still start within that timeframe. We'll only assist you with your state license corrections for 90 days of us emailing you your state license paperwork via email. If you pass your 90 days, it'll be your responsible to fix any corrections on your own. 


·       Example: If you email us everything and you are missing anything, or your logo is not in (PNG) format we will not start on your paperwork till we have everything.

·       Examples: If you made a payment on Monday, April 4th, but was missing information/or documents and you emailed the missing information on Friday, April 8th. Your paperwork will be ready and completed on Monday, May 2nd.

·       As a reminder it’s 14 Business/Working days. Our Business Days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

·       What is (PNG) format? PNG file format is widely used on websites to display high-quality digital images without a background.


18.  Do H2N Academy offer coaching/mentoring outside of not taking the training course?


Yes, we do, here’s the link to book:


19.  Does H2N Academy sell any paperwork to individuals without having to attend a training course?


No, H2N Academy doesn’t sell any paperwork to anyone that hasn't attended a training course.


20.  After completing my training may I pass along the documents and forms to a family member, friend or another agency?


No, all of the training, documents and forms are copyrighted and only the business owner/student has the rights to use the documents and forms. However once completing the training the owners does give permission only to the students that attend training. We keep a paper trail and a log of all our past/current students. And if you don’t know the owner, try selling or giving away what she has created and trust me you’ll have your day in a courtroom with her.


21.  I know every state is different, with that being said, are the documents and forms I’ll receive can I use them in my state?


Yes, you can


22.  If I paid for an in-person training and I’m unable to attend it, will I be refundable?


Unfortunately, no there are no refunds. But you’re allowed once to change your training course to another training session. And you also have the options to attend via Zoom.


23.  If I paid for an in-person training but I attend via Zoom because of personal reasons, etc. Will I be refunded the difference?


Unfortunately, No If your original choice was to attend in-person but was changed to Zoom you’ll not be refunded the difference.


24.  What if I need to reschedule my second training session will I be permitted to?


Unfortunately, no you have reached the maximum allowed times to reschedule.


25.  Is there a discounted rate if there’s more than one person wanting to attend?


Yes, there is a discounted rate.


26.  How are the ratings for H2N Academy?


We get verbal and writing reviews. To find out what have some of our students had to say about their training we recommend you click on this link:


27.  What are some of the state's H2N Academy trained?


Some of the states H2N Academy have trained are Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and counting…


28.  Do I have to be a CNA, LPN, and RN, Licensed RCA/HFA or have any credentials to start a Non-Medical Agency?


No, you don’t need to be a CNA, LPN, and RN, Licensed RCA/HFA or have any credentials to start a Non-Medical Agency. But highly recommend you sign up for this training course to know the dos and the don’ts.


29.  I have read all I need to know. How do I get started and sign up for the next training course?


Sure, and we’re pleased to know that. The next steps will be to contact Damara and set up a payment plan or if you’re paying in full. Before you can get started, you’ll be emailed a welcome letter with the following forms that must be emailed back within two weeks of your training course. You’ll not be permitted to start your training course until we have the following forms emailed to:


  • Read and sign Coaching/Mentor/Training Agreement

  • Read and sign Copyright Noticed

  • Complete the Client Profile Form

  • Answer the Client Questionnaire

  • Complete Business Yearly Goal Chart


30.  Is there a refund on any services provided from H2N Academy?


Absolutely, no


31.  What are H2N Academy business hours?


Monday 10:00AM-4:30PM (EST), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00AM-5:00PM (EST)

Closed: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday | Any every Holiday


32.  If I have any more questions or concerns that weren't listed above, who should I contact or what shall I do?


If you have any more questions or concerns, you’ll have to book a $50 (30) minute phone consultation: If you decide to move forward with your training course your $50 will go towards your course. 


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