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The Healthcare Industry is worth $4.1 Trillion

Mykeshia has created a guide to help you on the road towards success making a potential profit of millions of dollars, doing something you LOVE. Many are called, but only a FEW have what it takes to be successful! This Book is a game changer. Something that’s worth thousands of dollars could be yours for only $40. Once you get this book in your possession it could potentially make you a multi-millionaire, but you must do two things. READ & don’t procrastinate. With information on ALL 50 states. If you ever wanted to open any of the outlined businesses below within the Healthcare industry this E-Guide Book is for you. Personal Service Agency ( Non-Medical)Home Health Agency (HHA) Hospice AgencyEnd Stage Renal Disease Facility (ESRD)Healthcare Staffing Agency Intermediate Care Facility for the Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) (Adult & Children)Home Health Aide (HHA) Training & Registry ProgramCertified Nurse Aide (CNA) Training & Registry ProgramMedical Equipment and SuppliesNon-Medical Transportation Adult Day Center Adult Family CareAssisted LivingComprehensive Care Facility (Nursing Homes)Residential Care Facility Case ManagementMemory Care Homes Clinical Laboratory (CLIA)Drug Abuse and Treatment and Education ProgramCommunity Mental Health CenterDialysis Center AND MUCH MORE!!All of this information can be found online for free, but I know people love to pay for the convenience. That’s why Mykeshia has saved you the countless hours of research and put together this E-Guide Book with all the information for all 50 states. Not only will you get the information to the source and where to look/go, you’ll also get information on the different types of funding that is available. Everyone loves the idea of wealth, but just like having a government entity business it’s nothing like having government assistance money. 9 times out of 10, you won’t have to worry about your funds when it’s coming from the government vs privately paid or contracted clients.BONUSWithin this E-book you’ll also find information for government funding, private insurance, health department information, MOC/DOT information, training information, case management information, the different types of healthcare associations, and more.


SO DON’T DELAY! Grab yours today! 

Road to Success Manual all 50 States

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